3 Reasons to Make Budapest Your Next Vacation Destination

3 Reasons to Make Budapest Your Next Vacation Destination

Now that you have some vacation time coming up, you’ve been racking your brain to find the perfect destination. With such a big world to see, you don’t want to spend your well-deserved vacation in familiar surroundings. When looking for a fascinating foreign destination, you can’t go wrong with Budapest. The capital of Hungary is packed to the brim with gorgeous architecture, historical landmarks and an array of must-visit locales. If you’re still not sold on the idea of a Budapest vacation, consider the following perks.

Affordable Lodgings

Exorbitant hotel bills have an unfortunate tendency to eat up travel budgets. Fortunately, when visiting to Budapest, you can find affordable lodgings with minimal effort. Popular accommodation companies like Omg.com offer a comfortable assortment of fully-furnished apartments to Budapest-bound travelers – many of which can be rented for a fraction of the cost of a high-end hotel room. Deals like these are particularly beneficial to large travel parties and people interested in taking long vacations. All the money you save on lodgings can be used to enjoy all the fun-filled attractions found throughout the city.

Culture-Rich Shopping

No vacation would be complete without a heavy dose of shopping. When visiting Budapest, be prepared to spend a fair amount of time at the Central Market Hall, the city’s largest indoor shopping center. Since 1897, the Central Market Hall has been home to an extensive array of stores that specialize in food, clothing, handicrafts and other wares that hold cultural significance. In addition to being a big draw for tourists, this supersized marketplace is one of the city’s foremost centers of commerce, drawing in tens of thousands of shoppers each day. The Central Market Hall is also a popular spot for visiting celebrities and political figures, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself star-struck.

World-Class Opera

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of high culture, a visit to the world-famous Budapest Opera House is an absolute must. For well over a century, this celebrated theatre has served as host to the opera world’s biggest names. Adding to its accomplishments, the Budapest Opera House boasts the third best opera house acoustics in Europe. In addition to its nightly performances, the Budapest Opera House functions as a hands-on museum during the daytime hours. Anyone eager to learn more about the history behind the opera house is sure to love the informative guided tours offered during the day. Unlike the high-end opera houses found in the U.S., tickets to performances at the Budapest Opera House are very affordable. In many cases, decent seats at an evening performance won’t cost you more than $10 (USD).

No matter when you happen to be traveling, Central Europe is a top-tier destination – and Budapest is among its most attractive cities. Whether you’re traveling alone or with friends or family members, Budapest is a fantastic city in which to vacation. When weighing the benefits of a trek to Budapest, remember the affordable lodgings, culture-rich marketplaces and world-class opera the city has to offer.

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