Photo booth at your wedding to make it memorable

Photo booth at your wedding to make it memorable

Weddings are an occasion that is loved by all. Because of the liveliness, glamour, enthusiasm is that what attracts the people. Many of us get to meet our old relatives, long lost friends and the rarely seen people. The people from the Asian countries who have moved to the United Kingdom and London area would definitely like to hire Asian wedding photography London. They will come and set up a booth at your wedding reception to take photographs of your guests. 

The best thing about hiring them is that they will help your guests to make the wedding memorable by capturing the special moments they would like to cherish for a lifetime. They may even set up an open booth at a suitable area in your reception so that much variety of pictures can be captured and larger group photos can be taken.

An open booth will let the adjustment of light to be taken in a natural way and the mode of lighting can be adjusted according to the theme of the picture. Moreover you can also create theme based pictures, tell a story through the pictures, create three dimensional effects in your picture and create perfect poses for your pictures.

The photo booth is definitely a fun but different ideas can be incorporated which will act like icing on the cake.

  • Save the dates- instead of those boring reception cards you can use the latest save the date theme as your reception card. Click a few pictures o save the date theme and post it as a card to your near and dear ones.
  • Guestbook- when you plan your photo booth ask them to take an extra copy of the picture and put it on your guest photo book along with their comments and opinions. This will be a treasure worth keeping. Over years you would love to go through them to relive the moment and excitement.
  • Photo sleeves- while guest book is an option you can also put a photo sleeve on each of the table with a thank you message. And also make a note for them to check into the photo booth and get pictures clicked. It totally depends upon you if you want the booth to be a favor for the guests or would you like it to be paid.
  • Props- people are generally creative and would like to get their pictures clicked in different poses and using different props. If you want to make your photo booth idea really a special one then provide different exciting props to your guests.
  • VIP treatment- guests should be treated like VIPs. Provide a red carpet entry for them along with silken ropes and escorts that guide them to the photo booth.
  • Photo tickets- you can provide photo tickets to your guests at entry along with a note. You can create more exciting ideas of handing them the tickets. You can make them earn the tickets by making them play the games. Or you can set up a counter to give them the tickets.
  • Sharing- half the fu can be increased by sharing the video footages of the pictures being taken inside or the scenes that are happening inside while getting the pictures clicked. This will create more enthusiasm among the people to take pictures to be cherished.

Having a photo booth at your wedding reception is your wish and making it as creative as possible is up to you. This will make your wedding event more memorable and cherished by your guests.

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