Five Reasons to Adopt a Business Answering Service

Five Reasons to Adopt a Business Answering Service

For all business irrespective of the size, whether small or big and the industry, phone calls are the vital part of the business activities. A business answering service is that which answers the client calls and conveys the messages to the clients. This post discusses on the top reasons to adopt a business answering service.

The success of the business depends on how the customers are handled and business answering service helps in this. If you are not able to attend the calls; whether you are busy in other activities or with another customer handling, this service attends the call on behalf of you, provide information and if needed will divert the call or schedule another call with you depending on your available time.

Once you hire an answering service for business, they allocate professionally trained agents to deal with the business related calls and messages. These agents are familiar with the business and answer pertinent questions on your behalf. There is always someone to take the business calls on owner’s behalf, and in short you never miss a call ever again. Let us look at the key benefits of using this service.

  1. Lower overhead: Even though large business can handle the high monetary needs of hiring a professional or receptionists, it is difficult for small business. There comes the answering service, where business owners have to pay only for quality services and they can avoid the competitive salaries, vacation time, benefits, unpredictable leaves and overtime pay for individuals. 
  2. Fewer missed opportunities: In house office receptionists can only work for eight hours, five days a week whereas telephone answering service provides 24*7 days support which almost reduces the chance of missing a sales opportunity. Customer calls are very important for business, and it is not advisable to leave a voice mail when a potential customer or partner calls after office hours or on weekends.
  3. Less waste: Professional answering service allows business to save money by providing service on need basis. Instead of paying receptionists whether they had work or not, by using the answering service business owners has to pay only for actual service. Also if the volume of  customer calls increase unexpectedly, there is no need to pull high paid professionals from their key tasks to attend the phones, answering service will  be able to handle the situation automatically.
  4. Less customer frustration: When a customer calls for any urgent help, they can become frustrated if they are kept on hold for a long time or diverted to a voice mail. Keeping customers happy is the best way of marketing, as they talk positively about the organization, which in turn brings more business. On the contrast, frustrated customers can have negative impact on business.  Answering service helps in this area, and ensures all the customer calls are attended and given a proper advice.
  5. Gives a personal and customized voice support: Unlike automated services, answering services give a personal touch to the callers. Clients and partners can talk to another person and have that personal touch that your business desires. Modern phone services have the ability to customize the responses as per the needs of the business owners. You can give them scripts and these service providers train their staff on the script provided by you. 

Professional business answering services can take messages, take orders, place marketing and ad calls, handle customer complaints, and also handle other different customer service tasks, which makes it the much asked service in today’s business.

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