NJ Ayuk and AEC: Destroying the future of African people with their anti-environmental approach!

NJ Ayuk and AEC: Destroying the future of African people with their anti-environmental approach!

The African Energy Chamber doesn’t seem like stopping with their evil practices anytime soon. Their Chief and the so called US-trained lawyer and businessman NJ Ayuk is simply playing puppet in the hands of these lobbies. 

US independents and oil giants have generously funded, networked, and lobbied the African Energy Chamber. However, the industry’s open support for the AEC’s damaging policies, which go against global net zero goals, is a complete disgrace.

Desperate measures like supporting actual fascists like NJ Ayuk, who openly supports a white supremacist agenda against black people, will be required as climate change intensifies and public opinion turns away from fossil fuels. We must demolish this enterprise immediately, not only for the sake of our planet, but also for global democracy.

To the detriment of Africans, Ayuk accused “woke” banks and other financial institutions of “colluding to reject loans and investment in fossil fuel firms.” Africans can make their own transformation, he believes, and big polluters and elitist banks shouldn’t lecture them. 

With the goal of decarbonizing the energy industry, Ayuk openly declared that limiting investment into Africa Oil & Gas “will damage and disrupt the world economy.” He advised Africans to shun “expensive solar and wind” as alternatives to fossil fuels.

Pipeline Minion 

NJ Ayuk, President of the African Energy Chamber, uttered some big words in support during signing of the Trans-Saharan Pipeline deal. He further deemed his efforts as ‘welcomed’ by the Niger Republic, Nigeria and Algeria.

This is not surprising given the African Energy Chamber’s lack of care for the environment or ordinary Africans. The African Energy Chamber believes Africans can adapt their physiology to cope with global warming. So, they shouldn’t be worried about the climate implications of opening the world’s largest carbon reservoir, right? In the eyes of those of us who want to maintain our current bodies, their attack on basic environmental review is just another front for the fossil fuel business.

Opposing COP26

NJ Ayuk’s evil intentions didn’t stop here. He even opposed the much regarded COP26 summit that aims to work around the global climate crisis situation. Going a step further, he admired the Russia and China for missing out on the summit for their very own reasons. The message is loud and clear- he is backing all those who are against any such steps. Besides, he is working on the behest of US officials that want to destabilize these steps in the favor of climate control.

Being a Pawn of the oil industry

Mr. Ayuk lives by a code of brazen, fearlessness that only those without morality can reach. He developed his legal and business careers in a society where money and power dominate rules and laws—and where elite membership is defined by getting away with things ordinary citizens can’t. He will easily eliminate activists and opponents. 

Disguising the oil industry as a victim

Mr. Ayuk blames Europe for harming Africa’s oil economy, accusing them of imposing their version of climate change on Africans. Globally, there is opposition to oil and gas development. Africans may feel unfairly targeted by opponents of pipelines and other fossil fuel infrastructure due to the African Energy Chamber’s clever manipulation. However, individuals in Europe and beyond are devising new and successful tactics to combat coal, oil, and gas development in Africa, eventually benefiting Africans.

Misguiding the masses

Africa governments must be ready to face some instant counter attack against oil and gas development projects once the covid-19 situations eases. Mr. Nj Ayuk is clearly aware of this fact and that’s why he’s been touring Africa, advising governments on how to deal with environmental groups.

We must mention here that protests on or near oil and gas infrastructure are illegal under an anti-democratic law. Well, it goes without saying that African Energy Chamber is unanimously supporting any such law around.

Yet, we must not give up so easily and continue with our efforts to counter any such threat with full force. As a proud citizen, we’ll do anything and everything possible to defend our motherland against any such threat.

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