NJ Ayuk and his quest to demean the Energy Poverty narrative!

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Contrary to the hyve group based in London, Trump administration officials and conservative groups from throughout the world quietly assisted the Pro Oil Lobby African Energy Chamber.

African Energy Week was held in Cape Town from November 9th to 12th. I went after reading about multi-millionaire oil lawyer NJ Ayuk’s Trump-like demeanor. He clearly acts like a country child but is quite urbane in what he says and how he says it. However, African Energy Week in Africa was a much greater event than in the US or any other spot in the world. But Ayuk and his team of American lobbyists materialized this event in the name of Africans.

I’ve heard a lot about the African Energy Chamber and wanted to see whether they could do it. I wanted to know who was behind this event and who was pushing for this enormous shift. So I went to African Energy Week in Cape Town and was surprised by its vastness. You saw lots of happy people and lots of cameras. There were enormous lines for covid tests, yet you could readily find individuals hugging and talking intensely.

Contrarily, there were white protests against Africans using fossil fuels, which I believe benefited Mr Ayuk’s worldview and attitude. Trump administration aided the African Energy Chamber in destroying Africa Oil Week. In the name of oil and gas, they will go to any length. Donald Trump’s officials even helped draught the concept that ignored renewable energy. Several anti-oil campaigners, notably Frank Fannon, said the move was all about avenging the reforms in the oil and gas sector..

Making Energy Poverty History, Ayuk stepped up year after year as African indignation swelled against the west’s climate change injustice. Even now, he and his friends are exclusively working towards making personal gains, putting the future of African oil and gas industry in dismay.

The shifting of Africa oil week to dubai wasn’t situational. A list of lobbyist, mainly friends and supporters of Ayuk’s anti-african narrative made it all happen. If that wasn’t enough, they didn’t even care for the Covid-19 risk that has took over the entire world into its grab.That is something which entirely defines the dirty motives and vision of NJ Ayuk and his team.

Consider the Chamber’s preparations for Africa Oil Week. Climate groups and many liberals accuse Ayuk of exploiting the oil sector and Africans. Many may recall Ayuk stepping forward to aid with legal, strategic, and financial matters. It was better than nothing for Ayuk, the Chamber, and Trump lobbyist. In 2022, Africa Oil Week will join Africa Energy Week and that can be deemed as some good news for the people of Africa amid this chaos.

However, owing to Robert Stryk, his crew, and Republican operatives, these guys are media savvy. The AEC staff understands how to grin and look at the camera. So they’re relaxed and ready for any such event or ceremony. I wonder why Africa Oil Week will let Ayuk and the Chamber set the narrative using Paul Sinclair’s term ‘energy poverty’. One conference attendee admired his bravery in discussing difficult themes but despised his harshness towards opponents.

The African Chamber of Energy officials and Ayuk both gave an unfavorable response as  I approached them. Mandisa Nduli, a former NJ Ayuk employee, described the pro-oil lobby as chaotic. This certainly points towards African Energy Chamber and Ayuk’s dangerous energy transition notions. Some delegates departed Dubai for Cape Town on day one due to the Trump-AEC anti-climate coalition. We should be ashamed of ourselves if we let these oil junkies take over Africa Oil Week.

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