Modern Ways to Integrate Mobile Technology with GPS Fleet Management

Modern Ways to Integrate Mobile Technology with GPS Fleet Management

The tracking or the vehicle tracking system  refers to the electronic device hardware and / or software that could be installed in a vehicle to enable the user or the owners or the third party members to track the location of a vehicle. In most of the cases,  modern vehicle tracking systems will make use of the Global Positioning systems (GPS) and several consoles of GPS along with GPS modules to find the accurate location of the vehicle. The cellular and satellite transmitters are also widely used to make communications with the remote user of the vehicle and location as well. But, there are so many ways that have been found to integrate GPS fleet tracking systems and mechanisms with the mobile technology.

Ways to Integrate GPS Fleet Management with Mobile

  • Global Positioning System (GPS)

GPS is a fully functional Global Navigation System (GNSS), which uses a constellation of between 24 and 32 Medium Earth Orbit satellites that transmit the precise microwave signals. These signals will enable the GPS receivers to determine the location, speed, direction and time in a very accurate manner. GPS was  developed by the United States Department of Defense. But now,  GPS has become popularized among civilians and has many updated accessories that  integrate with the hardware and software modules with ease.  GPS with the help of the internet and satellite communication systems will allow  the user to track the fleet with  ease. The rise of smart phones and mobile phones with GPS make use of the applications like Google Streets and several other third party GPS apps to track locations anytime, anywhere. This is the first and the best modern way that has been developed and still keeps developing to integrate mobile technologies with GPS fleet management in several dynamic ways.

  • General Packet Radio Services (GPRS)

GPRS is a packet oriented mobile data service that has been provided to be available for the users of Global Systems for the purpose of mobile communication. In order to integrate the GPS with GPRS strategies, the developers have made simple Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) access and internet access to enable the GPS services in mobile and smart phone. After getting the mobile data, the GPS applications will track the fleet with the help of mobile applications and with  wireless services. The wireless access will make use of the TCP and UDP connections to get mobile data and to access internet with GPS for tracking the vehicles using the appropriate applications provided.

  • Mapping and GEOCODING

GPS generally makes use of signals for communication. In order to map them  and to record the metrics of the vehicles that have been tracked, the Mapping and Geocoding technology integrates with  mobile devices. The services Google that compute the Google maps and Google Earth and several Geological services such as Microsoft Virtual Earth and other application interfaces will help the GPS to integrate with applications on Mobile technology.

The writer explains that the above mentioned application interfaces are the most modern technological aspects and applications that have been trending which  interface GPS with mobile technologies. The writer also suggests that, there are still many applications and upcoming features which are getting developed to enhance the ways to integrate GPS fleet management with updated mobile technology.
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