Little-Known Aspects to Check when Renting a Flat

Little-Known Aspects to Check when Renting a Flat

When you are planning to rent a flat, whether it is in the countryside or in a bigger area like Greater or Central London, there are some obvious considerations to watch out for. This includes the size of the flat, its proximity to conveniences such as shops, restaurants, and schools, and other obvious considerations. But there are a few little-known aspects that you should check as well – and this includes doing an inspection of the actual flat itself. 

So what should you check when you are doing an assessment of the flat you have in mind? Again, there are obvious considerations: the state of the kitchen and bathroom fixtures, as well as the size of the bedrooms and the like. However, there are some other aspects that you shouldn’t neglect either.

Check for mould and dampness

Whilst in the process of checking the flat, you should remember to check for damp spots and mould. Areas to inspect include the windows for condensation and inside any cupboards. If the flat smells a bit musty, this could be a bad sign. 

Check the ceilings

The ceiling is another area that is often overlooked, so in this regard, you should check the ceiling of the flat for any cracks, drips, or any brown marks or stains. These could be a sign of leaks. 

Check the windows and doors

Apart from checking the windows for condensation, you should also make it a point to check the doors of the flat. Open and shut each door to see if it is closing correctly, and open drawers and cupboards as well. 

Check the switches and wiring

When you are walking through the flat, don’t forget to check the switches – turn them on and off to see if they work, especially when the switches are old. The cooker should work properly as well. The electrical wiring should also be in good condition, as you wouldn’t want to spend an inordinate amount of money on updating electrical wiring. You should also check the power points in each of the rooms and test each and every electrical socket. 

Check the water pressure 

Whilst doing your inspection, turn on the taps in the kitchen and bathroom(s) and flush the toilets. Additionally, you should check underneath cupboards to see if they are dry. See if the water pressure is good and that the water becomes hot. 

Check the heating system

When checking the flat, you should also make sure to see if the heating system is working correctly. For this, ask to have the heat and the boiler switched on. You should also inspect the flat’s radiators for any signs of leaks or rusting, and touch each radiator to see if it gets hot on the surface. 

Check the locks

The safety of the flat is another major consideration, so you should make sure to check the locks on the doors and windows. The door locks should follow set standards, especially when it comes to insurance. One tip: most insurance policies state that the property’s front and back door should be fitted with a deadlock with five levers. While you’re at it, check the doors as well for any signs of break-ins. 

At the end of the day, doing a thorough inspection of the flat should give you peace of mind knowing that you are making the right decision. And whether you are planning to look for flats to rent in Upminster or flats to rent in Chelmsford, it is always important to check for the above-mentioned aspects to ensure your utmost satisfaction in the end.

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