6 Reasons Why Your Child Deserves To Be In a Preschool

6 Reasons Why Your Child Deserves To Be In a Preschool

 Preschool is the first step of your child’s life towards the world of education. The trained teachers and reputed preschools ensure that the roots of your child are strong enough to begin with the educational basics. There are schools like Star Bright Montessori, which focus on even the small details, such as the dietary habits, sleeping patterns and grasping power of the children. 

Below are the top reasons why you need to put your child in the preschool:

  1. Comfort of entering the school: Kids are scared of losing their parents even for a second. Preschools help the kids to enter the education environment, with confidence and lack of fear. Due to the trained teachers, it becomes easy to settle these kids, who slowly get habitual of going to the school. 
  1. Social skills: The pre schools like Star Bright Montessori, help the kids build their social skills and interactions with the others apart from their family members. A child since birth only interacts with the adults and has no chance to be with the kids of their age. This is the best way where the child would understand his own different kinds of behavior.  
  1. Emotional Development: At times, when there is more than one kid at home, kids are prone to feel insecure and jealous. They are too young to understand the meaning of anger, aggression and jealousy. However, they just dislike the fact of not being paid undivided attention. With the help of certain techniques and game sessions at the preschools, it becomes easy for the teachers in bringing back the emotional balance of the child.
  1. Language Improvement and Developmental skills: The basics taught at the school and the interactions with many people, help to develop the vocabulary amongst the children. Preschool is a great opportunity to develop various skills such as; social skills, interactive skills, creative skills and many others. It helps them to grow and accept the changes in the world, which is happening outside their house. 
  1. Preparation for the kindergarten: Kindergarten is an advanced level of preschool. Many parents often put their child directly in the Kindergarten. However, such schools directly concentrate on the academic side, without paying much of attention on the child’s adaptability of staying away from their parents. This is the reason why it is important to expose the preschool environment for your child, so that he is, quickly able to grasp things at the level of kindergarten. 
  1. Improve the pre-reading skills: We have many examples, where many kids often have issues with the phonics and different sounds of the letters. This is what is taught at the preschool, with the help of rhymes and short stories. Kindergarten directly begins with the alphabet learning and skip the pre-reading skills. Kids who are imaginative, will soon become confused, of what to follow and what to skip. This is the reason why parents prefer to begin with preschools, so that the rhymes, playing with blocks, stories, talk time, everything makes the child confident. 

About the Author:

Katie Johnson, is an online trainer for the preschool teachers, who develop their learning skills by attending the online sessions and lessons. Her recent article about the advantages of preschool training, has been much appreciated by the Star Bright Montessori Preschool.

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