5 ways to avoid injuries on the road

5 ways to avoid injuries on the road
  1. Visibility: Pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable road users should try to make themselves as visible as possible. It’s estimated that a non-motorised road user is killed on our roads every week. Prevention is definitely the best course of action, so don’t be afraid to wear bright colours during the day and reflective clothing at night. Many people also choose to wear clothing lights or torch hats for further visibility. Also, remember to carry a mobile phone on you in the event of an emergency.
  1. Tiredness: Motorists should never get behind the wheel when they are tired. Research suggests that tiredness is just as dangerous as drink-driving, because it directly affects concentration. If you are tired, the solution is simple – don’t drive, or have somebody who is legally allowed to drive your vehicle do so for you. If you are tired during your travels, pull over in a safe place and take a nap. Or better yet, drive to a hotel and take the night off. It could save your life and avoid UK injury claims.
  1. Seatbelts: Sometimes, a crash is unavoidable. This is where your vehicle’s safety equipment comes in. It’s estimated that 28% of drivers forget to fasten their seatbelt on short journeys, which isn’t just illegal but also incredibly dangerous. And did you know that the driver of a vehicle is legally responsible for other passengers fastening their seatbelts? Before you set off, ensure everybody is buckled in so that should the worst happen, the risk of physical injuries are greatly minimised. 
  1. Don’t just stop: If you are involved in a low speed collision, such as on the motorway, do not stop in the lane you’re in – pull over to a safe place if you are able to do so, because you can never count on other motorists to be aware of you. The same applies if you are shunted on a roundabout – if you are able to, find a safe place to pull into. This will ensure that normal traffic flow resumes and minimises the risk of you being involved in another road traffic accident.
  1. Drive cautiously: The fact is that no matter how good a driver you are, you can’t account for how poor other people are. You will be pulled out on, overtaken on the inside and you will encounter poor weather conditions on your travels. They key to staying safe here is to drive cautiously, paying particular attention to the conditions of the road ahead. Don’t be afraid to travel under the speed limit if the conditions are poor and always leave a three-car gap between you and the vehicle in front.
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